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What Is Amazon’s FBA New Selection Program?

For FBA sellers on Amazon, there’s exposure… and there’s exposure. But what if you have a newly launched ASIN? What if you’re just not certain whether it will gain any traction? And what if you’re brand new to FBA and aren’t certain whether it’s worth the cost yet after all?

There’s no doubt there’s benefits to Amazon FBA outside of its convenience. But those benefits can come with a price tag that may not always seem cost-effective. That’s especially true if your product line is just entering the market.

But Amazon recently launched a new program for professional sellers which can help lessen their uncertainty. It’s called the FBA New Selection program. And while it’s free to enroll, there are a few things to keep in mind first.

What is the FBA New Selection Program?

Amazon’s FBA New Selection program may seem like an enticement for new FBA sellers and an encouragement for existing ones. That’s because… well, it is. Amazon ultimately wants FBA to be a benefit for its sellers based on more than just the convenience. And they don’t always give something away for free. But new launches to the marketplace can be a gamble. And new sellers may not always see the upside of FBA. But what are the benefits of the FBA New Selection program?

New-to-FBA parent ASINs can expect:

  • Fee waivers on an unlimited number of ASINs.

  • Fee waivers on monthly storage and free removals for both standard sized and oversized ASINs for up to 90 days.

  • Free monthly storage fees and free removal for up to 120 days for newly launched apparel and shoes.

While for new FBA sellers:

  • Free campaign creation and up to $200 in sponsored ad promotional clicks.

  • $100 discount on shipping with only of Amazon’s partnered carriers.

There are a few specific limits to each, however. Standard sized new-to-FBA ASINs can only receive free storage for up to 50 units, while the storage limit for oversized ASINs is only 30 units. The fee waiver for storage of new-to-FBA apparel and shoes is only for the first 100 units.

New FBA sellers are not subject to new-to-FBA ASINs requirements, nor do they have to have a new-to-FBA product line. But any unused sponsored ad promotional clicks expire 30 days after they’ve been applied.

Who is Eligible for Amazon’s FBA New Selection Program?

If you’re an established professional FBA seller with an IPI score of at least 400, you may be eligible for the FBA New Selection program so long as you have a new-to-FBA ASIN. If approved, you must maintain your IPI score for the length of the program. New FBA sellers who have yet to establish an IPI are still eligible, but are exempt from new-to-FBA ASIN benefits.

Only parent items are eligible for FBA New Selection. Established professional sellers can use Amazon’s new-to-FBA product search tool to verify if your ASIN is newly launched. Books, DVDs, Music, Software & Computer/Video Games, Video, Video Game Consoles, and Accessories are ineligible items, as are used products. Bundling items are prohibited.

Why is Amazon Offering the FBA New Selection Program?

Amazon knows that the FBA marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded, with sellers wary of making a long term commitment. But they also know that launching a new product can be equally competitive as well as daunting. The FBA New Selection program is designed to provide existing sellers with a relatively risk free reason for using FBA for new launches, while hoping to reward and encourage new sellers.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you have an existing professional seller account, simply go to the FBA New Selection enrollment page and click on “Enroll Now.” Your benefits will automatically begin as soon as your products are approved.

Individual sellers are ineligible to participate and will need to upgrade their plan accordingly. Once upgraded, new professional sellers must list an eligible product within 60 days and must set up a sponsored ads campaign within 30 days to be eligible for the sponsored ad promotional benefit.

Amazon FBA fees can be pricey. But they’re worth it. The FBA New Selection program is a great way to test out your new product line—with no risk but all the rewards.


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