Amazon DSP Management

CML optimizes your Amazon DSP ads for maximum sales and profitability

Why Amazon DSP?

There are over 5 MILLION 3rd party seller on Amazon.  PPC alone is not enough for your products to stand out.  Amazon DSP is a recently added and further up the funnel re-marketing tool that can get your brand in front of more consumers and even steal your competitions sales.


  • Scale your brand's reach to customers beyond Seller Central advertising


  • Retarget your existing buyers and your competitors 


  • Expand your brand's reach and exposure


  • Create custom audiences using Amazon's data

Our Success is Your Success

Our client was generating seven figures a year on Amazon and had an internal ad team. However, their PPC campaigns were not optimized properly. We dropped their ACoS by 80% in 3 weeks after beginning working with us (overall average drop of 50% annually) while simultaneously making it 5x more effective on a dollar per dollar basis. Bottom line: they went from not profitable to wildly profitable for their main keywords.

Marketing Company

Amazon DSP for Branding

Optimize your media strategy to achieve brand awareness and engagement goals.

  • Go beyond demographic reach

  • Use Amazon segments or pixel-based segments

  • Engage customers early in the decision journey

  • Increase buyer education on unique selling propositions

  • Share more information, entertain and engage audiences

  • Use high-impact formats such as video, half page ads and billboards

  • Custom built Amazon landing pages and custom built funnel exclusive to DSP clients

  • Execute private marketplace deals via Amazon DSP – applying the benefits of programmatic to specific published buys

  • Access inventory not necessarily available on the open exchange

  • Maximize ad view with pre-bid viewability targeting, targeting only those impressions most likely to be seen by users

  • Measure brand lift with third-party brand surveys (added-value)*

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