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Simplify Your Strategy ... Compound Your Results

One interface and real-time bidding for your ad accounts.

Demand Side Platform (DSP) is the next evolution in advertising networks. It provides you access to multiple ad exchanges outside of Amazon with up-to-the-minute bidding for faster, more efficient results. It takes advantage of Amazon’s algorithms to serve up ads to prospective customers who abandon carts, serves up ads on third party sites, and sends them back to Amazon to complete their purchase.


Results like:

  • Lower CPAs and CPCs so you can increase your acquisition spend

  • Higher ROAS so you can acquire at a profit

  • Retargeting to your best potential leads for a higher win rate


Take advantage of our efficient and real-time ad bidding services that are a fraction of the cost of going to Amazon directly to manage DSP for you.

Our DSP Services

Full Service Media Buying

We keep an eye on your key performance indicators to optimize your ads and get you the lowest costs and the highest returns.

In-depth Tracking And Bleeding Edge Reporting

At any given time, we can paint you a picture of your ad performances and the real-time decisions that were made to create your results.

Adapting To Your Goals

We’ll shape your campaigns to fit your company needs and goals. You choose your optimal KPIs and we’ll make sure your ads perform.

Creative Development

Don’t have time to optimize the creative for your banner ads? We’ll continue testing copy and layouts according to your company’s positioning and messaging.

Full Accountability

As with all our services...our success is tied to yours. When you get results, we get results. We’re in this together!

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