Amazon PPC Management

Our PPC experts manage your Amazon Advertising account from launch to success, leaving you free to develop new ideas, innovations, and grow faster.

Why Amazon PPC?

Since its inception in 2018, Amazon Advertising has risen to become the third largest digital advertising platform in the world. But it’s a competitive marketplace. And it can be far from retailer friendly.

PPC is just one tool among many offered by Amazon that can accelerate sales, increase conversions, and help grow market share. 

It’s been estimated that Pay-Per-Click management can bring as much as a 200 percent ROI. Yet many Amazon Sellers aren’t even aware of it.


That’s where we come in.

Our Success is Your Success

Our client was generating seven figures a year on Amazon and had an internal ad team. However, their PPC campaigns were not optimized properly. We dropped their ACoS by 80% in 3 weeks after beginning working with us (overall average drop of 50% annually) while simultaneously making it 5x more effective on a dollar per dollar basis. Bottom line: they went from not profitable to wildly profitable for their main keywords.

Amazon PPC Services We Provide

Color More Lines won’t just launch your Amazon PPC campaign. We’ll maintain it and help it thrive. 

Whether it’s keyword targeting or product targeting, our PPC specialists can conduct in-depth research, analysis and implementation of your Sponsored Products ad campaign for optimal conversion rates.


If you want to get the most for your Amazon PPC investment, we can develop and implement a Sponsored Brand strategy that will highlight your brands’ strength for the most successful return.

We’ll review and analyze your existing Amazon PPC campaign to indicate any gaps, and provide you with regular reports to help you get the most out of our campaign.

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Let us help you sell effectively on Amazon and beyond.

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