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Dressing Up Your Amazon Listing For The Holidays

We don’t mean to alarm you, but holiday shopping started as early as July in 2019 for many Amazon customers. But believe it or not, it wasn’t solely because of Prime Day.

There’s just as many people who dread shopping for the holidays as those who look forward to it. There’s a reason behind the $9.4 billion phenomenon of Cyber Monday, and it’s not merely convenience alone. More and more holiday shoppers face difficulty coming up with the perfect gift idea; and that’s an area where Amazon can truly be a life saver. Because listings highlight predictive suggestions just as much as they do top selling items, you don’t have to second guess whether or not your gift is right for virtually anyone on your holiday list. Amazon does the guesswork for you.

But how do you ensure your product gets the most attraction during the holidays?

Making The Most Of Your Amazon Listing During The Holidays

Traditionally, holiday shopping can begin as early as October; and that rule of thumb was just as applicable in 2020 thanks to Amazon’s belated October launch. And if Amazon’s market share in holiday shopping was almost 50 percent as far back as 2017, leveraging Amazon’s draw early in the season isn’t just a question of being an early bird. It’s a necessity.

But it’s also as much of a necessity for millions of other sellers and vendors as well, many of whom were already planning their 2020 holiday marketing campaigns before 2019 even drew to a close. While that may seem like an excessive strategy, it’s an effective one. Amazon marketing relies as much on past successes as it does understanding current trends. And when it comes to making the most of your Amazon listing, there’s a few techniques that have been proven by both success and time.

  1. Choose The Right Keywords For The Right Product

Over 40 percent of all online revenue is derived from keyword search queries. And while SEO is a standard component of online marketing, many vendors and sellers on Amazon remain entirely unaware of how significant a role they play in boosting traffic to listings. The right keywords will summarize the very essence of your product succinctly and relevantly. That requires a process we like to call ARR: Audit. Review. And revise. Constantly.

2. It’s About The Holidays...

And no one is thinking of a day at the beach during the holidays (well, some of us are!) And since your listing will likely draw more traffic for gift ideas, present it in that context. Your first few images should showcase your product as a gift, with the appropriate tinsel, boxes, ribbons, bows and stockings which remind people your product is about giving as much as everyday usefulness. If you’re offering bundled savings on multiple products, consider highlighting how they can work together as gifts. In short? Accent the holidays, not every day.

3. Think Outside The Box (Literally)

There’s a reason why many companies tend to choose the holidays to unveil new product lines. Customers are more willing to take a chance on purchasing a product as a gift before making their own commitment. But just like product lines can grow predictable and boring, so can your product listing. Make your photos pop by using them to tell a story. Multiple images reflecting holiday themes can be optimized creatively and easily; and you don’t even need to hire a professional photographer to capture the perfect lifestyle image.

4. Don’t Underestimate The Strength Of Social

Want to know why your social media feed is suddenly inundated with more advertisements than normal during the holidays? It’s one of the most inexpensive, highly populated and effective ways of driving traffic to your website or store. But just how effective?

  • According to recent data from the Pew Research Center, 84 percent of US social media users have indicated it plays a significant role in their online purchases.

  • 45 percent of Pinterest users plan for the holidays at least 60 days prior, compared to 21 percent of the general population.

  • 60 percent of Instagram users indicate they’ve discovered new brand ideas as a result of their following, with over 200 million users following at least one brand profile per day.

  • Facebook dominated the social referral tp eCommerce sector in 2019 by over 80 percent compared to either Instagram or Pinterest.

We’re not suggesting you rely on social media as your sole digital marketing platform during the holidays. But with recent surveys revealing small business retailers see an increase in messages from potential customers by over 60 percent during Q4, you’re missing out on an ideal holiday shopping funnel by not doing so.

5. Revise Your A+ Content

A+ content on Amazon doesn’t just showcase your product. And it doesn’t just tell your story. It tells a general story—a story as nuanced, sentimental or nostalgic as you want it to be. And it’s one of the best ways to stand out from your competitors by exercising your creativity. Sometimes that can be as simple as replacing your hero image with one more in touch with the holiday season. Other times, you may want to create seasonal video content. But the key element of any A+ content is flexibility and creativity.

And no business wants to be stagnant during the holidays.


Color More Lines provides white glove, global account management of your ecommerce platforms so mission-driven companies can focus on new product development, branding and growth strategies. Find out more at Color More Lines.

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