How To Tell Your Brand Story on Amazon

Updated: Feb 11

Now more than ever, customers care about brands. It’s not enough to deliver quality service and a quality product. Customers want to feel connected to a brand.

They want to share in its narrative. Its values. It's history.

In short?

They want a brand story.

amazon brand story

But not just any brand story. Customers want a brand story they can relate to. A brand story that is as engaging as it is reflective of their shopping habits.

It might seem like Amazon would be the least likely platform to launch your brand’s narrative. But according to Feedvisor’s 2019 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report, some 74 percent of Amazon customers surveyed indicated that a brand’s name itself was a significant factor in influencing their purchasing decisions.

If name alone can elicit that sort of loyalty, what sort of loyalty would a story bring?

Leveraging Stores On Amazon For Your Brand Story

Stores on Amazon is a feature from Amazon Advertising which allows brands to generate and curate content which highlights the strength of their product line. But it’s more than just a promotional tool. It’s a platform which can create a cohesive narrative that speaks directly to your customers.

There can sometimes be a certain disconnect between a brand’s marketing and their Amazon presence. On the one hand, both social media and a brand’s own website can often work together to help present a clear and altogether human message which speaks directly to customers.

On the other, there’s Amazon—which is often viewed as little more than a digital storefront. But it doesn’t have to be.

By integrating customized imagery, streaming video, display ads and other rich content, Stores on Amazon can help drive incremental sales by creating a customer experience that’s more warm and immersive.

But it doesn’t just boost sales. It gives your brand a dimension that a static listing alone simply can’t achieve.

How Valuable Is Your Brand Story?

  • A 2018 survey from public relations analysts Havas Group found that brands which consumers could forge a meaningful connection with regularly outperformed marketplace competitors by well over 200 percent.

  • A recent case study from the Harvard Business Review found that retailers were able to increase the number of active customers by 15 percent by launching marketing strategies based on emotional connections.

  • According to recent data from analytics firm Headstream, 15 percent of customers would purchase a brand’s products immediately if they could connect with a marketing narrative.its products immediately.

  • Samsung Electronics reported an average month by month sales increase of 19% since launching their Stores on Amazon campaign in 2018.

Getting Started With Stores On Amazon

While Stores on Amazon are entirely free, they’re only available for sellers and vendors who have been pre-approved through Amazon Brand Registry.

Keep in mind that Amazon is known to be selective in approval requirements for registered sellers; you will need to provide full business documentation including federal tax identification, an active registered trademark and brand serial number as well as adhering to seller communication guidelines and protocol.

If you’ve already been approved, simply log in to your Seller Central account and click on Manage Stores from the Stores tab. You’ll be prompted to choose a template which best highlights your brand, or you can simply choose from a drag and drop tile option. You’ll also be provided with a list of four themes which are best suited for you.

You can add up to three additional levels for your store with various pages, but they are limited. Try only to highlight your best-selling products and ensure that each page has a content title including:

  • Best Sellers

  • Images

  • Galleries

  • Navigation

  • Video

From there, simply upload your product listing (including ASINs) and content to the product grid. Submit your Store for approval and Amazon will notify you within 72 hours if you meet their guidelines.

In addition, Stores on Amazon also has a basic analytic dashboard with metrics which can help you measure your performance, including daily visitors, sales and page views—all for free.

Are You Ready To Optimize Your Brand’s Story On Amazon?


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