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5 Tips On How To Drive Early Sales Launching A New Product On Amazon

Your new product line. It’s your baby. You’ve raised it from the ground up. You’ve done your research. The demand is there. The need is there. And best of all? You’ve got the single largest ecommerce retailer at your fingertips.

So how come that new product isn’t selling quite as quickly as you expected?

Was it over-expectation? Was it a failure to generate pre-launch excitement? Is it the product—or is it Amazon?

Here’s a hard truth. Just because you’re selling on the world’s largest and most powerful digital storefront will not guarantee your success. A new product launch on Amazon is no less a gamble than starting your own business. But there are certain traits that early sales successes tend to have in common regardless of what your product line may be.

1. Get The Pre-Launch Buzz Humming

How many times have you caught the premiere of a new movie or TV show simply on the strength of a trailer alone? Chances are, quite a bit. And it’s no different in the sphere of digital marketing. Yes, customers may accidentally stumble across your product listing on Amazon—eventually. But eventually isn't good enough when you’re trying to drive early sales. Generate excitement early on. Blog posts. Social media campaigns. Press releases. Anything and everything you can think of to get people talking; and the more shareable it is, the better. Don’t just assume a consumer wants your product. Make them need your product.

2. Testify!

It’s one thing to draft a well-crafted and attention-grabbing press release. But today’s consumers aren’t going to rely on your marketing skills alone. And even the most seamless advertising campaign can sometimes omit one of the strongest tools you have at your disposal: customer testimonials. Recent research from Northwestern University has indicated that product reviews can increase conversion rates by almost 400 percent in some instances. And there’s a good reason for that. The digital landscape is inherently consumer-driven. And if you’re not using consumer feedback to drive your sales, you’ll never be able to accurately gauge the temperature of that landscape.

3. But Let Your Listing Do Some Of The Talking, As Well

I’m sure you’ve seen them. Amazon product descriptions that are filled with dense and impenetrable technical specifications that have no bearing on your decision. Or even worse… bombastic and unrealistic claims that insult your intelligence. Listings that contain grainy and largely images that are entirely irrelevant to a product. Don’t make that mistake. Make certain your Amazon product listing contains:

  • High resolution, relevant images with neutral backgrounds shot from different angles

  • A product description that’s concise and clear, with no more (and no less) than 3 - 5 bullet points

  • Relevant and competitive keywords, based on both historical and predictive trends

4. Know Your Product—But Know Your Service Better

Yes, you may have a product line that truly is revolutionary. A product line your core demographic can’t live without. You’ve reached out to them. You’ve garnered feedback. You’ve created a stir. And now it’s time to sit back and reap your rewards.

Not quite. No matter how innovative your product is or how much of a need in the marketplace it fills, bad customer service can make or break you in your first few weeks. That’s true in just about any industry. But in a customer-driven industry like eCommerce, it’s not just apt. It’s practically law. Make certain your inventory is full. If you’re not currently an Amazon FBA seller, make certain all orders are shipped and tracked efficiently. Answer any and all queries objectively (always keep communication guidelines from Amazon Seller Central in mind.) And never underestimate the power of unexpected value for new customers. Whether it’s a future discount for signing up for your email list or a small gift with each purchase, it’s those little things which can keep your customers coming back.

5. Launch Your Product

Amazon PPC. Off site PPC. Coupons. Discounts. Amazon Giveaways. Social Media Giveaways. There’s a million and one possibilities to optimize your new product listing on Amazon. But in the end, it’s only your product that matters.

Master your product and traffic will follow. Just make sure you know the best route to get there.


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