How To Build An Effective Amazon Sales Funnel That Actually Works

Sales. Just like any other business, you need them. Just like any other eCommerce business, you can only get them by driving traffic. And what’s one of the most consistently successful ways of turning casual browsers from curiosity to conversion?

Sales funnels.

Yes, you may have heard from self-styled digital marketing gurus that the sales funnel is dead. And they should know. After all, they likely sent you a link to their content as a result of their own sales funnel.

But Amazon is its own beast altogether. If you’ve been selling on it for a while, we probably don’t have to tell you that their marketing protocol isn’t particularly seller friendly. In fact, it can seem practically Draconian. But is that the price you have to pay to sell on Amazon?

Not necessarily so. You can still build an effective sales funnel on Amazon that will not only boost traffic but stay within Amazon’s guidelines. Here’s some tips on how to do so effectively.

1. Don’t Drive Traffic Directly To Your Listing

It might seem like a contradiction. It’s not. Driving traffic directly to your Amazon listing has historically resulted in two significant drawbacks: lower sales and lower conversion rates.

There’s a million different explanations why untargeted external traffic directly to an Amazon listing tends to fail, but let’s start with simple common sense. Nobody likes a hard sell. And no one likes blatant pandering in marketing. One of the key reasons behind Amazon’s dominance as a retailer goes hand in hand with their size. People like choices. They like to browse. They like to compare. And the more choices they have, the more informed their purchases are. Anyone can offer a product for sale. But can your product sell itself? 

2. Your Secret Weapon—Your Email List

Here’s one of the chief dilemmas in early sales while launching a product on Amazon. You know the customers are out there. You just don’t know how to reach them.

Amazon won’t contact them directly to inform them of your new product line. You’re going to have to do it yourself. You might think an email campaign will simply wind up filling thousands of spam filters. But you’d be mistaken. It’s been estimated that the average ROI on email marketing is roughly 3800 percent. That’s not exactly a small amount. Still don’t believe us? A recent survey from SaleCycle indicated that 59 percent of consumers reported that direct emails had a significant influence on their purchasing decisions. Consumers like personalization almost as much as they like choice. And they’ll almost never turn down the chance for an early sale discount.

3. Use Your Landing Page To Your Advantage

A landing page is ideal for collecting email addresses, and there’s a very good chance many of you have already developed weekly newsletters for your email list as a result of one. And perhaps you’re already driving traffic to your site without Amazon. But are you using your landing page to your full advantage?

People aren’t going to give away their email for free. It’s not enough to simply reassure them you won’t sell or trade their address (please don’t!) For some businesses, this can be discounts and promotions, exclusive invites. free ebooks, white papers… anything that adds a sense of additional value. 

More specifically, sending promo codes prior to your launching. Single use promo codes don’t just garner buzz for your product. They drive conversion. They sales. And they ultimately drive long term customer loyalty. Promotion code creates an atmosphere of exclusivity for your customers⁠—a sense they hold a unique privilege in seeing your new product line before it even launches. It’s not just an enticement for your customers. It’s an enticement that helps create an overall customer experience; an experience that helps you stand apart from your competitors.


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