Amazon Customer Experience : Can A+ Content Save Your Reputation?

Customer experience can be largely defined by any number of factors, not all of which will necessarily have equal share. There’s your product to think about. Your packaging. Your service. But more importantly, your marketing.

Marketing is about more than just a memorable campaign and relatability. It’s about establishing trust. It’s about placing a human face to your brand. A human voice—one which communicates the ultimate value of your brand in clear and unmistakable words. Why do vague marketing campaigns tend to fail in eCommerce?

They have a vaguely defined audience.

Online shoppers can be a little more shrewder than consumers in the past. Just review any social media marketing campaign and you’re likely to see a host of negative comments; particularly if the campaign fails to convey any relevant information whatsoever. And it’s no different on Amazon except for one critical difference: those comments come from your actual customers who have made a verified purchase.

Amazon And The Power Of Negative Thinking

Ask any merchant selling on Amazon for even six months and they’ll tell you that negative feedback hurts in a much more profound way than social media. Unlike social media, bad reviews aren’t glib retorts from anonymous parties. They’re from customers who have found your entire customer experience wanting. That means both your product, your service and your underlying message.

But negative reviews have a much more significant impact than merely hurt feelings. A 2019 report from the Spiegel Center at Northwestern University revealed 95 percent of shoppers read online reviews prior to making a purchase, while an estimated 94 percent of customers indicated negative online reviews convinced them to avoid a business altogether according to a 2018 survey from independent software firm ReviewTrackers. 

Amazon won’t filter out negative reviews. That’s part of their chief appeal for many customers—providing raw and unfiltered feedback directly from their peers. And Amazon certainly won’t manage your online reputation for you. So what exactly is driving your negative reviews?

You simply didn’t meet your customer’s expectations. But it’s not necessarily your product. It’s a lack of information about your product. Can A+ content help you?

A+ Content And Your Customer Experience

A+ content isn’t necessarily about minimizing negative feedback. In 2020, that can be an impossibility for many companies. But what A+ services from Amazon allows you to do is maximize visibility so customers can make more informed choices.

Traditional models of advertising often fail to translate to the digital realm because they’re non-interactive. They don’t speak to customers. They speak at customers. And they often rely on little more than a catchy slogan and an easily digestible soundbite to get their point across. 

But digital communications are a two-way interaction; one which enables a much more personalized form of customer experience. That’s part of the strength of Amazon. It’s a user-driven entity, one which reflects the needs and habits of any demographic imaginable. And the most successful vendors on Amazon will realize this and leverage it to their advantage.

In a 2018 report from PwC, 73 percent of customers indicated experience as a critical factor in their purchasing decisions, with 42 percent reporting they would pay extra for a more welcoming experience. So how does Amazon A+ help enable a more positive customer experience?

  • Competitive comparison charts. Amazon’s the single largest marketplace in the world. And customers are more discerning than ever. In fact, it’s been estimated that consumers read an average of up to 10 reviews of a product before deciding on a purchase. You need a way to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Visual charts are one of the most effective and compelling ways to do so. And frankly, if you don’t have a competitor yet? We want to hear from you.

  • Brand narratives. Your brand isn’t merely a product. And it certainly isn’t a marketing campaign. It’s an entire narrative arc; one which reflects your vision, your values and your own sense of meaning and purpose. It’s an arc which customers want to share in. A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review discovered that companies were able to increase the amount of new customers by up to 15 percent simply by forging a sense of a personalized connection with them. Connectivity is at the heart of communications—and that’s one advantage smaller businesses have over Fortune 500 entities.

  • 360° imaging. What’s one advantage physical retailers have over Amazon? Tactility. No matter how convenient online shopping is, customers still want to see the dimension, depth and shape of your product. That’s not something static images can deliver. But 360° imaging can give a virtual approximation with the definition customers expect from a physical display.

  • Videos. With an estimated 87 percent of companies indicating video playing a significant role in driving traffic, it’s no secret that video can have a tremendous impact on conversions. But how does video affect customer experience? Quite simply. Customers more than listings alone. They want to see the direct benefits of a product in everyday use and how it can apply to their own lives. Streaming video doesn’t require great artistry or an expensive ad agency to make an impact, as any quick scan of YouTube will tell you. It simply takes believability.

  • FAQs. FAQs have always been there for a company’s benefit as much as they have for customers. The problem is they tend to cover only the most basic questions. Every now and then, you’re going to get a question completely out of left field that makes you reevaluate the very message of your brand.  That’s when the real value of an FAQ comes into the picture. Direct customer insight. Insight which can be applied to forge a much more personal connection with your customer base.

Can A+ content save  your reputation on Amazon. No. Only your product and service can. But what it can do is provide customers with a deeper understanding of your brand. And it can provide you with the opportunity to understand who your customers are. What they need. And what they expect from you. And that can save you the aggravation of any number of one star reviews during your next product launch.


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