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Market Expansion: The Best Amazon Markets To Expand To In 2020

Maybe you’re entirely new to the Amazon marketplace. Maybe you’re a veteran seller. But at some point, you may find yourself in the predicament of realizing just how saturated your chosen market can be.

Both vendors and third party sellers know far too well how competitive Amazon can be. At the most recent count, there were an estimated 8.2 million sellers using its services, with close to 230,000 registering in 2019 alone. And if those numbers aren’t staggering enough, here’s something even more confounding.

Their business is entirely sustainable.

We’re not talking about Fortune 500 companies. And we’re not talking about niche specialists who have cracked the Amazon code, either. We’re talking about sellers just like you. But with one fundamental difference: they didn’t confine themselves to one regional market on Amazon.

Why Sell Globally On Amazon?

  • Cross-border international merchant sales reached $74.7 billion in 2019.

  • International sales represented almost 30 percent of all net sales on Amazon in 2019.

  • A review of the top ten marketplaces on Amazon reveals a broad mix of geographic locations, including the EU, Central America, Asia, Southeast Asia and North America.

  • According to its own estimates, Amazon ranked # 10 in global internet traffic engagement for the first half of 2019.

  • Global demand for Amazon has continued to exceed analyst predictions exponentially over the past four years.

The Top Four Amazon Markets To Expand To In 2020

  1. Australia Amazon’s Australian marketplace operations didn’t even launch until 2017, despite reported sales of $1 billion in overseas shipping. But that hasn’t stopped Amazon from becoming possibly the most dominant player in Australia’s $33 billion eCommerce industry. With over 14 million visitors a month and predictions of sales reaching $2.4 billion by 2023, Amazon’s Australian marketplace currently offers FBA, Advertising and Prime features for merchants. Selling on Amazon Australia Professional Seller Cost: $49.95 per month. Referral fees: Contingent on product category. Additional fees: $1 per sale closing fees per media for selected items.

  2. Brazil Brazil may represent a little more than 1 percent of all global online retail sales, but its potential for growth is unprecedented. Recent estimates indicate that Brazil should anticipate an 18 percent growth in eCommerce during 2020, bringing digital sales revenues to a total of $24.6 billion. And helping to that boon will unquestionably be Amazon. Although only a relatively new entry in Brazil, it’s become the third most popular eCommerce retailer in less than two years, and is expected to grow from a relatively minor $107 million in sales (by 2018 estimates) to a $1.3 billion entity by 2023 Selling on Amazon Brazil Professional Seller Cost: $19.99 per month. Referral fees: Contingent on product category. Additional fees: Variable closing fees per media category.

  3. India Amazon may have had a substantial presence in India since 2013, but it’s poised to become a key force in the very economic fabric of the nation. According to recent analysis from RBC Capital Markets, Amazon’s Indian marketplace is predicted to account for 13 percent of all international sales and 4 percent of Amazon’s total sales by 2023. While second in commanding India’s formidable share of the eCommerce market, analysts predict that Amazon’s Indian presence alone could account for $18 billion by 2023. Selling on Amazon India Professional Seller Cost: $39.99 per month Referral fees: Contingent on product category, starting at 2 percent Additional fees: Fixed closing fees contingent on product category.

  4. Mexico With an annual growth rate of 28 percent and an estimated value of $22.6 billion, Mexico’s eCommerce trade is the largest in Central America. But despite its relatively minor fraction of the overall retail industry of less than 2 percent by the most recent estimates, that number is predicted to swell to 12.6 percent by 2021 thanks to the domineering presence of Amazon’s Mexican marketplace. Currently the largest online retailer in the nation, RBC Capital predicts Amazon sales to soar to $2.9 billion by 2023, representing an annual growth rate of 43 percent. Selling on Amazon Mexico Professional seller cost: $24.99 per month. Referral fees: Contingent on product category. Additional fees: High volume listing fees and refund administration fees contingent on product volume.

Are YOU Ready To Expand Into New Territory In 2020?


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