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Inbound Marketing For Private Label Products On Amazon - What You Need To Know For Success

Private label products are nothing new. Whether it’s Wal-Mart, Target or even Amazon itself, chances are some of your favorite products are private label. It can be a lucrative niche—if marketed effectively.

So why are your private label products not selling as well as they should? It’s no secret that Amazon doesn’t exactly make outbound marketing a top priority for many sellers. But traditional marketing doesn’t always reach customers when they’re ready to buy. You have to reach the right customer at the right moment. It’s not enough to convince them they’re getting a great deal on unbranded merchandise. Most customers are already aware they are. But what sets your private label product apart from a big box retailer?

As an Amazon seller, you have one secret weapon. It’s called Amazon’s “Top Trending” list. And while many products may be entirely irrelevant to your business, it’s one of the best sources we’ve found for both inspiration and influence.

Getting Started With Inbound Marketing For Private Label Products On Amazon

If you’re new to selling private label products on Amazon, you may be tempted to market heavily on seasonal items. Frankly, we don’t necessarily recommend this. If you want to build a private label product line, you want to focus on steady sales—not sudden surges around one particular time of year. This doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day rush. But you also don’t want sales to be entirely dependent on seasonal demands.

You also need to keep in mind that Amazon is still a global platform. Regulations in your country regarding online sales and testimonials may not be as lax in other nations. We’d recommend that your private label products are relatively uncomplicated. Electronics might be a popular niche, but the sales are just as frequently matched by warranties, sales taxes and customer service concerns.

Research Your Manufacturer

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do they have a history of resolving customer service complaints quickly and effectively?

  • How long has the manufacturer been in operation?

  • Do they have a solid reputation for other products sold on Amazon?

  • Can they offer to customize a product according to your specifications?

  • What method of payment can they accept?

Don’t rush this. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple suppliers. You might often find that the sixth one can offer you the best rates with the service your product deserves.

Private Label Products And Amazon FBA

Be prepared for an increased sales volume you can’t always fulfill. This is where Amazon FBA is an absolute lifesaver for shipping and fulfilling orders for private label products. Keep in mind that Amazon was reporting 306 transactions per second in 2012 alone. That’s a number even Wal-Mart hasn’t been able to achieve.

How Effective Is Your Product Listing?

There’s never an accurate predictor of sales for private label products on Amazon. What seems like today’s hot new trend could turn out to be easily obsolete six months down the road. But more specifically, how are your customers able to find your product? Don’t necessarily rely on the strength of Amazon Advertising. Make certain your products are visible through search engines and social media as well. Review your product listing report periodically. Are the specifications accurate? Is there anything in the description that could be improved? What about your best selling competitors? Is there anything in their descriptions you’re noticing? Any particular trends or phrases?

The last thing any new seller on Amazon wants to think about is how effective their marketing plan is. There’s more important things to worry about. Shipping costs. Seller communication guidelines. Customer service. Testimonials. But it’s a critical part of your business, whether you’re selling branded products or private label brands, It’s fundamental to your business and your reputation. Don’t sacrifice either by worrying about your competitors’ marketing plan. Your customers deserve better. And so does your business.


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