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Amazon is not a traditional marketplace

If the digital marketplace changes from week to week, the world of Amazon can be even more perplexing. It doesn’t just have its own unique protocol. It has its own algorithms. Its own standards. And its own unique business model; one which can seem miles apart from other retail platforms.

The learning curve is never fixed in eCommerce. As both techniques and delivery continue to grow more sophisticated, your business can’t afford to rely on anything less than up to date methods. Techniques that worked on Amazon three months ago do not necessarily work today.  And you don’t necessarily have the time to keep track of a shifting landscape. That’s where we come in. Our team is constantly evaluating and perfecting our technique and understanding through continued education in the latest mastermind groups, courses and virtual conferences in the world of eCommerce. We then apply that knowledge where it has the greatest impact⁠—your business.


But eCommerce is as competitive as it is changing. And your competitors aren’t always transparent. That’s why we provide reverse engineering of competitive listings and ensure additional security against hijackers and unauthorized sellers.  


And that’s our difference. Color More Lines doesn’t just provide proven strategies that drive visibility and sales. We provide insurance in a marketplace that’s anything but traditional so you can focus on new product development, branding and growth strategies and we can focus on helping you grow faster on Amazon and beyond.

Our "ATOM" Fulfillment Process


Why Color More Lines?

Price Factor and Liability

It’s not unheard of for businesses to spend up to six figures by hiring internal eCommerce analysts. That doesn’t even include the cost of marketing and continuing education—particularly if you’re looking to maximize your Amazon presence. Amazon’s A9 algorithm is constantly being updated, frequently resulting in skill sets and methods which aren’t equipped to handle the latest upgrades.

You might spend less with a low cost agency. But you won't be able to guarantee the quality and  results which drives sales and protects your brand. Traditional agencies tend to rely on their A Team to sell their service. But delivery is more often fulfilled by a B or even a C Team, resulting in long term, low performance contracts which rarely command your ROI.

  • A-Team

    With over 30 full time global subject matter experts managing your account holistically, Color More Lines is your full scale, yet boutique, strategic eCommerce partner.

  • Success Driven

    Our success is only as strong as yours. As business owners we’re also aware of the need to manage risk and make decisions driven by actionable data, not unrealistic projections.

  • White Glove Service

    Our white glove service manages your ecommerce needs from A-Z , guiding you from launch to maturity.

  • No Lock In Contracts

    We have no lock in contracts.  Our business is earned monthly based on results, with 30 days to cancel anytime.

  • Higher Ranking

    We work with influencers and market research groups to generate the social proof necessary to rank your products higher for more keyword phrases.

  • Localized

    Unlike many of our competitors who rely on Google Translate, we use only native language speakers who are familiar with their local markets to ensure only location-specific market listings and optimization.

What are the unique benefits you can

expect from our core services?





More time and energy where it matters—your product and your branding.

Faster ROI through a proven methodology to rank and grow revenue on leading eCommerce platforms.

Up to six figures in savings by staying up-to-date with the latest changes to eCommerce platforms and algorithms.

Peace of mind knowing that your eCommerce business  is managed by an A team of industry experts aligned with your interests and driven your success.



How We Help Clients

Maximizing Amazon Advertising ROI
Ineffective Campaign Management, Unauthorized Product Sales
Brand Recognition and eCommerce Optimization
Bad Actors and Brand Narrative Inconsistency
Negative ROI on PPC Optimized Advertising Spending
Branding Transition to Amazon

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