We’re not looking to be the biggest,
we’re looking to be the best.


Color More Lines helps brands with a cause recognize their full potential on Amazon and beyond. Unless you understand the games your competitors play to try and hijack your brand – and what to do to mitigate this and protect yourself – it’s impossible to reach your full potential on Amazon. We are your trusted beacon to strategically guide you safely through the maze of decisions and hazards to help you dominate on this ever changing platform and beyond.

We are your strategic partner with an “A team” of 30 full time, global, dedicated subject matter experts who manage your account wholistically – we have no B or C teams that work for us.

Our financial success is tied to your success.  We are also business owners and ROI driven, looking to help you manage risk vs reward and make data-driven decisions.

Our white glove service manages your ecommerce needs from A-Z and guides you launch to maturity.

There are no lock in contracts.  Our business is earned monthly based on our results, with 30 days to cancel anytime.

We work with influencers and market research groups to generate the social proof necessary to rank your products higher for more keyword phrases.

We utilize native language speakers for localization and translation of your listings in market vs. our competitors who use Google Translate or call centers which often result in a poor customer experience and sales.


AUDIT: We find the biggest holes in your Amazon business and learn your competitors cold.
TRIAGE: We look at what listings you currently have and learn how to optimize their potential.
OPTIMIZE: We make sure that your Amazon business is humming through better systems, processes, and feedback loops, ready to scale up.
MAXIMIZE: Now that we’ve optimized our capacity for scale, we want to pour as much gasoline on the fire as possible and dominate your Amazon field.

The reason we love entrepreneurs is because they create more than they consume and they create before they consume. If everyone did this, the world would change overnight.