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Color More Lines Announces The Launch Of Their Strategic Amazon PPC Service

After record growth partnering with small businesses to maximize their eCommerce presence, international digital marketing agency Color More Lines announced the launch of their revamped Pay-Per-Click (PPC) only services for Amazon Advertising customers effective immediately. The renewed focus will allow sellers to obtain better paid and organic search results on Amazon through Color More Lines’ proprietary software and strategic placement, auditing and automation.

Since its launch in 2018, Amazon Advertising has become one of the most visible and successful ways for businesses to drive online traffic and sales. While Amazon PPC strategies have long been a service provided by the retail giant, Color More Lines noted that few sellers were aware of its potential. Color More Lines expects that its increased emphasis on PPC will allow sellers a greater advantage in brand affinity and recognition, as well as recognizing the estimated 200 percent ROI which can result from PPC.

“When we saw there weren’t many companies even aware of PPC, much less had developed a fully fledged Amazon PPC strategy, we seized the opportunity,” said Josh Levine, Managing Partner at Color More Lines. “We see PPC as being one of the strongest ways a small business can use their marketing budget more effectively.”

“Particularly with Amazon FBA merchants who don’t always have the time to launch marketing campaigns, our Amazon PPC automation can take the pressure of research, placement and review out of their hands. It really is one of the most powerful tools no marketing team can afford to be without.”

In a 2019 poll from Hanapin Marketing, some 79 percent of marketers found PPC to be an immensely beneficial strategy in their business. Google themselves have claimed that a single brand awareness campaign utilizing PPC can increase performance and sales by up to 80 percent. Yet smaller businesses have traditionally shied away from PPC out of concerns about both efficacy and cost.

“There’s a huge misconception about PPC as being either expensive or somehow ‘rigging the system’,” said Levine. “And what businesses are missing out on is a proven strategy that increases visibility.”

“Search engines—and that’s what many people forget Amazon actually is—can sometimes bring entirely irrelevant results. And there used to be a lot of manual research involved with PPC. And there was even more guesswork. Our automated Amazon PPC strategy eliminates both. We’re driving results more effectively, not redundantly.”

Among some of the services included in Color More Lines’ Amazon PPC strategy solutions include:

  • Campaign implementation and restructuring,

  • Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands strategizing and implementation,

  • Campaign auditing

  • Reporting

All of which will be driven by the agency’s proprietary automated software.

“Amazon’s come a long way in just two years. But businesses can’t always keep up,” explains Levine. “Automation takes most of the leg work out of PPC.”

“We’ve found that a lot of smaller businesses suffer when it comes to product development as a result of manual digital marketing campaigns. And that’s what drives us at Color More Lines. To help mission driven companies succeed in eCommerce. And our Amazon PPC strategy solution is just one more tool among the many we provide to help companies grow faster.”

Color More Lines provides white glove, global account management of your ecommerce platforms so mission-driven companies can focus on new product development, branding and growth strategies. Find out more at Color More Lines.

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