3 Key Facts about Amazon Donating Your Excess Inventory

In the spirit of Color More Lines’© (CML) passion for “helping companies with a cause,” so too has Amazon embraced this vision…and they do truly think of everything! In case you missed it, Amazon announced this week that starting September 1, 2019, those using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) will have the option to donate excess or unwanted inventory in the US and UK to select charities.

In the US, Amazon has selected to work with Good360, a global leader in philanthropy and purposeful giving. In the UK, they will be leveraging charities like Newlife, Salvation Army and Barnardo’s.

This is a brilliant step and a great action by Amazon. Here are 3 facts you will want to make sure you’re aware of:

FACT #1 Automatic Enrollment

You are enrolled in FBA Donations program by default and Amazon will automatically make eligible inventory available to charitable organizations when you choose to dispose of overstock, returns, and other unwanted product. You can verify your enrollment status by going to Settings > Fulfillment by Amazon > FBA Donations program.

>>> You can choose to opt-out of the FBA Donations program at any time by disabling it in your FBA Settings.

FACT #2 Donation Delivery is Arranged by Amazon

Although disposal and donation fees apply, $.50 and $.15, respectively, when you request disposal of FBA inventory in the U.S. and UK fulfillment centers, Amazon will make it available for donation and will make the delivery arrangements on your behalf, for no additional cost.

FACT #3 Tracking and Taxes

Tracking these items is easy if you look in your Removal Shipment Detail report and look for items marked Donation in the Carrier Name field. And it’s always a good idea to contact your tax adviser to discuss the FBA Donations program and what implications it will have on your reporting obligations.

Hats off to Amazon for finding a positive solution to unwanted and unused inventory! The program creators expect to see hundreds of thousands of products that were once doomed for disposal, going to good use transforming lives and strengthening communities!

Keep Doing Great Things,


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