Our success is your success

Below are quantifiable results we have generated working
with our clients across Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Jet and


Client A started with us in 2018 and was generating five figures in monthly revenue. Within 12 months we increased their revenue 700% from 5 figures to 6 figures monthly.


Client B is an established brand on Amazon that was previously generating $105,000 a month in revenue but were plagued by hijackers and illegal resellers on their account which dropped their monthly revenue by 95% to $4,000 / month. They hired Color More Lines and our 4 months later our Brand Protection Team led them to a full recovery to $105,000 a month in revenue. We are now on track to double monthly sales within their first 18 months of working with us.


Client C was deep into page 10+ of the search results with a $30 water bottle (3x the average selling price of $10) selling on average 12 per day. Our team optimized their listing and customer experience with our white glove account management and got them ranked to page #1 with 80 sales per day and blew out their sales projections.


Client D was guided through initial inventory ordering, inspections, logistics from Asia and we launched over 35 items in the travel category before Black Friday. We compressed a typical 6 month cycle into 8 weeks to generate revenue for the client.


Client E was onboarded and saw their Average Cost of Sales (ACOS) drop by 40% in just 5 weeks working with us which freed up revenue to scale. This also led to a 60% increase in revenue driven by ads during the same period. The next month, they saw an additional doubling of sales, through promotion, SEO, and a minor amount of ad spend which produced another $10,000 in revenue.


Client F was generating seven figures a year on Amazon and had an internal ad team. However, their PPC campaigns were not optimized properly. We dropped their ACoS by 80% in 3 weeks after beginning working with us (overall average drop of 50% annually) while simultaneously making it 5x more effective on a dollar per dollar basis. Bottom line: they went from not profitable to wildly profitable for their main keywords.


Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.